Our Approach
Creating property & investment value through vertical integration

Vertical Integration: what does it mean for investors?

Mortar is uniquely qualified to create value in New York’s highly competitive multi-family real estate market: our in-house resources allow us to fulfill every role of the real-estate process as architect, developer, and asset manager.

Our streamlined process maximizes efficiency, increases value, and minimizes risk across complex deal-structures. Mortar’s comprehensive resources allow us to outmaneuver other real-estate investment firms and has led to almost two decades of positive investor returns.

Mortar Group
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Smarter Multifamily Real Estate Investing

Our fully-integrated in-house design, development, and asset management expertise has resulted in many successful privately syndicated deals. This, combined with skin-in-the-game co-investments and in-depth local neighborhood knowledge, helps us mitigate risk and maximize investor returns. Focused opportunities combined with an intimate knowledge of New York’s prime niche neighborhoods allows investors to diversify and deploy capital conservatively in projects and divest risk throughout the real estate lifecycle.

Frequently asked questions

What are the return ranges on previous and current projects?

Historically, Mortar has achieved return profiles that on average range from 16% to 22% annually. Project returns vary greatly and past performance is not an indicator of future performance. Feel free to request a copy of our track record for more information.

What is the current investor profile?

We have a wide array of investors, each with different goals for the financial portfolio.

We pride ourselves on partnering with long term investors who are aligned with our interests and grow with us.

Our current investors provide strategic value, not just capital. Continuing to build a strong, deep and experienced investor group is a top priority for us.

How many investors do you currently work with, and what is the average investment size?

We typically work with HNW Individual Investors seeking alternative investments, tax advantages, or passive income. We have worked with over 250 investors with typical investment sizes ranging from $25,000 to $250,000.

What is your strategy? How do you achieve it?

Our strategy is to maximize the bottom line and investor return by acquiring and enhancing projects through the application of proven experience in real estate investment, management, development and sales. We focus on projects below the institutional size, in established or up-and-coming areas where we can create value. We look at projects that have multiple exit strategies, where we can maximize investor returns in different parts of the market cycle.

Who can invest in this offering?

Investors who qualify as “accredited investors” under SEC Rule 501 of Regulation D may invest.

Does mortar use leverage?

Yes. Mortar intends to use a target leverage ratio of 60-70% for senior debt in its investments, which will be calculated as the greater of loan to cost or loan to value and reviewed on an annual basis.

What is the minimum investment?


May I withdraw or cancel my subscription request?

Yes. Interested investors are not committed at the time their Subscription Agreements are submitted, and any subscription may be cancelled at any time before it has been accepted and executed by the Managing Member. Once subscriptions have been accepted. Investors also enjoy a 30-day no risk period, in which any investment commitment may be canceled for any reason within 30 days of funding. Prior to acceptance and during this 30-day no risk period, you may withdraw your subscription request by notifying us by email at invest@mortargroup.com

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